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Mercedes Command Audio20 HU AMG Logo  & Power Screen OBD2 activator 2016-2017  
Shipping Terms: FOB China Warranty: 1 Year
Installation: Be responsible by buyer

Our Unichip OBD2 module will let you to activate AMG logo startup screen and the Power Screen menu at Mercedes Car with COMAND or Audio20 head unit at most of cars MY2016 and later where these functions is not activated from the factory. Simply OBD2 plug and play - no laptop nor head unit removal necessary. Any time you can revert activation back with the same car and same module. It won’t effect the original manufacturer service quality warranty.

Below models will be supported:

A  W176 MY 12.2015+

B  W246 MY 12.2015+

CLA  W117 MY 12.2015+

GLA  W156 MY 12.2015+

GLE  W166 MY 01.2016+

GLE  W292 MY 01.2016+

GLS  X166 MY 01.2016+


PowerScreen is only work at COMAND head unit at cars MY2016+.

Send us VIN number before you order to be 100% ensure.

Q: My car is not in the list - may be it will work?

A: Definitely NOT.

Q: Why W212/W218 chassis not supported?

A: Under testing.

Q: I have a W205/X253/V447/W222 - will it work?


Q: I would like to order just to try on my own risk. Can I return if does not work?

A: No - better send a vin number and we will let you know.


Mercedes-Command-Audio20-HU-AMG-Logo- &-Power-Screen-OBD2-activator-2016-2017_01.jpgMercedes-Command-Audio20-HU-AMG-Logo- &-Power-Screen-OBD2-activator-2016-2017_02.jpgMercedes-Command-Audio20-HU-AMG-Logo- &-Power-Screen-OBD2-activator-2016-2017_03.jpgMercedes-Command-Audio20-HU-AMG-Logo- &-Power-Screen-OBD2-activator-2016-2017_04.jpgMercedes-Command-Audio20-HU-AMG-Logo- &-Power-Screen-OBD2-activator-2016-2017_05.jpgMercedes-Command-Audio20-HU-AMG-Logo- &-Power-Screen-OBD2-activator-2016-2017_06.jpgMercedes-Command-Audio20-HU-AMG-Logo- &-Power-Screen-OBD2-activator-2016-2017_07.jpg

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BMW CCC CarPlay Smartbox work via USB, all future OS MCU upgrade via USB, self USB LOG function, Plug and Play.
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