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    Antenna adapter
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    Auto Mirror Folding
    Wireless Charger
    Light and Vision
    Steering Wheels
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About US - Who We Are

Unichip Smartauto was a high tech project under AUTOSVS TECHNOLOGY.

Our project started since 2013, focus on smart, unique, affordable solutions specialized work with german manufacturers like BMW Mercedes Audi Porsche at automotive

aftersales market. Our project infrastructure was R&D for IOT(Internet of Things) with 2years efforts, now we got it released for the aftermarket with Apple CarPlay functions

proxy kit like OEM level, we already got the CIC and NBT works, the CCC project undergoing development, the system proxy works like OEM level with Apple CarPlay, Google AndroidAuto, Welink, Carlife, SYNC with the further future developments, all future upgrades will be via USB port, plug and play with the new future upgrades of Apple

IOS 12.x 13.x ...

Autosvs Technology have been involved into the aftermarket industry since 2003 and we focused on BBAP (BMW Mercedes Audi Porsche) since 2008 on professional OEM diagnostic tools, technical training on factory based engineering system like for BMW Esys and Mercedes Vediamo Monaco, we are working deeply with German manufacturers

on professional diagnostic coding programming, ECU chip tuning, OEM retrofitting and upgrading, Unichip Smartauto projects RND (Research and Development). We are also

active partners of DIMSport Texa Actia Bosch etc in mainland China market.

All Unichip products are CE FCC E-mark E9 certified, and registered with global Unichip trademarks, we aim to supply the best quality and the unique smart affordable solutions

for global automotive after market and all end users with the best to none experience. We warranty all of our products with 100% customers satisfaction and one year warranty. Our product categories focus on below three scenarios:

1. OBD2 and USB Plug and Play solutions which we have the OBD2 solutions as the famous blue OBD2 modules to activate Mercedes CarPlay, Video in Motion unlock, ECO ON/OFF, AdBlue diesel eraser ... etc, also the USB CarPlay solution for BMW, and USB CarPlay, Airplay, AndroidAuto and mirror link solutions for Android based double din multimedia CD DVD players;

2. CarPlay Smartbox which we RND and manufacturer since 2015, currently we have 10 SKUs available for BMW Mercedes Audi Porsche models  with MY (manufacturing year) 2009-2017 coverage. All plug and play solutions based on original factory head unit and display as a parallel system to work together with the original Navigation system, we are serving global market for this project and keep upgrading all bugs according to customers experience satisfaction, all bugs and OS MCU upgrades via USB from us. we are looking for global professional partners to work together, and we planned 5-10 more SKUs to be developed with a wide and deeper RND focus on different manufacturers.

3. Smart retrofitting solutions like comfort access keyless entry for BMW Mercedes, some hidden functions activator like our USM0618 series for Porsche, for Audi, also some plug and play can bus based rear camera and 360 cameras upgrading etc.

Our products concept: Unique Smart Affordable.

we are looking forward to work with global professional partners.

Contact Us
+86 755 8327 1865, 83271875
Head Office: 15A No.1 World Plaza Building A,Hongli West Rd,Futian District,Shenzhen City, 815034 China


0755-83271865, 83271875