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USB CarPlay Dongle USBWCP01 USB 2 Wireless CarPlay Converter 
Shipping Terms: FOB China Item No.: USBWCP01
Type: CarPlay 2 USB Wireless Specification: USB Plug & Play
Warranty: 1 Year Installation: Be responsible by buyer
Samples Availability: Yes


Convert your factory CarPlay to wireless and skip plugging in your phone when you get in!

Keep your phone in your pocket or purse and have USBWCP01 dongle in your car, Get in your car, automatic wireless link connection to USBWCP dongle and in less than 10 seconds, it is on the dashboard and you are ready to go. Best with newer phones with plenty of battery power. Tested and proudly verified on Porsche VW Audi Mercedes, more to be upgraded and tested, our target is to make the carplay 500+ models to work with.

Fully Tested Models

AUDI 2018-2019 MIB2 Q2L A3 Q3 Q5L

VW 2018-2019 MIB2

Volvo 2020 CX60

Mercedes NTG5.5 C E GLC A GLE

Porsche PCM4.0 PCM5.0

Ford Sync3

More to be added ...

** For these Mercedes Audi VW Porsche models without factory carplay, we have our USB Flasher to activate factory carplay and AndroidAuto via USB with our remote technical support.**

USBWCP01 USB Wireless CarPlay Dongle-1-1.jpg主图-USBWCP01 USB Wireless CarPlay Dongle-1.jpg主图-USBWCP01 USB Wireless CarPlay Dongle-3.jpg主图-USBWCP01 USB Wireless CarPlay Dongle-2.jpg主图-USBWCP01 USB Wireless CarPlay Dongle-4.jpg营销图-白底图1-1.jpg主图-USBWCP01 USB Wireless CarPlay Dongle-5.jpg营销图-场景图3-4.jpg


√ 2.4Ghz Bluetooth CarPlay verification and 5.0Ghz Wifi Audio transfer

√ Self connection to CarPlay with your iPhone in your pocket

√ Bar code product activation and enjoy free upgrades

√ OTA cloud server upgrade with push upgrades support

√ Self Logging Feature, in case of any bugs from cars we didn't test, send us Log file and enjoy a free upgrade without shipping back to us

√ Upgrade via USB also enjoy 400mA power supply charging feature via USB port

OEM ODM Available

√ Tailor Made Color

U2W Colors.jpeg√ Tailor Made Features Available for different partners with nice gift pack


√ Any further ideas or features you're looking for R&D based on projects demandings

CarPlay Wireless Module-6.jpgCarPlay Wireless Module-Audi.jpgCarPlay Wireless Module-Benz.jpgCarPlay Wireless Module-VW.jpg

Download PDF
U2W Activation Manual En.pdf
USBWCP01 USB Smartauto Interface.pdf
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BMW CCC CarPlay Smartbox work via USB, all future OS MCU upgrade via USB, self USB LOG function, Plug and Play.
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