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Features Highlights of our Fakara HSD connectors
* 11different mechanical color codes                 * Embedded plastic housing and audible cliking noise                                         * Minimum of 100 types of mating styles * Wide Frequency range of DC 0-6GHz            * Compatible with several coaxial cables (RG58,RG174,RG316,RGK031,RG178 etc.) * Available in multiple connector configurations (Straight, Right Angle, PCB designs etc.)
FAKRA-6601NTG14X5 RG174 Connector

Item No:6601NTG14X5 ;  

Specifications Features:

Impendence: 50Ω

Frequency range: 0-4GHz (Usable up to 6GHz)

V.S.W.R: ≤1.3

Insertion Loss: ≤0.3d

B Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ mini

Center contact resistance: <20MΩ

Working voltage: ≤335

Voltage  Dielectric withstanding votage: >1000 Voltage

This connector has been widely utilized in communications, automotive, electronic warfare, military navigation, radar, aviation and other electronic equipment in the transmission of (RF)radio frequency signals.

Fakara standard.png

Insertion Loss(插入损耗): ≤0.3dB
Insulation resistance(
Center contact resistance(
中心接触电阻):  <20M
Working voltage(工作电压): ≤335Voltage
Dielectric withstanding
votage(介质承受电压): >1000Voltage

Widely used in communications, automotive, electronic warfare, military navigation, radar, aviation and other electronic equipment in the transmission of radio frequency signals.

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Unichip Smartauto have been involving into multimedia OEM retrofitting since 2008, we started our manufacturing plant and RND since 2016. We are supplying the best quality multimedia harness cable from mainland China, our manufacturing plant is ISO9001 TS16949 certified with OEM quality level.
We are happy to assist you to get the best quality of multimedia accessories with our own manufacturing resources. We are supplying to OEM manufacturers like: BYD、Great Wall、Yangtze and Huai rivers、BAW、HD、Changan、DFM、Zoyte 、Auria、SAIC、Hangsheng、Lu Chang,、DESAY West,、Hebang etc.
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