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    Video in Motion
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    Comfort Module
    OEM Camera Interface
  • CarPlay Module
    System Bench
  • OBD2 Solutions
  • USB Plug&Play
  • PSM Smart Module
  • OEM Retrofitting
    Apple CarPlay Activation
    Infotainment and Multimedia
    Harness Connectors
    Activation Enabling Codes
    Audio System
    OEM Parts special
    Language Conversion
    Antenna adapter
    Assist Driving
    Auto Tailgate
    Auto Mirror Folding
    Wireless Charger
    Light and Vision
    Steering Wheels
    Instrument Clusters
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    Dealer Online Service
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    Activation Code
    Engineering Misc
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    Multimedia Interface
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Our Footprints
> 2015 Mercedes DIY interface
          BMW OBD2 Keyprog
> 2016 MB OBD2 DIY solutions
         CarPlay Smartauto box
> 2017 BMW Keyless Proxy Kit
         BMW OBD2 Keypro global v.
> 2017 Mercedes Keyless under...
Stay Connected with us
2016 -
- Unichip project setup, aim to offer unique, smart, affordable smartauto solutions in the automotive aftermarket
- Generation I, 2,3 smartbox to offer OEM integrated proxy apple carplay and google androidauto on 2007-2018 BMW Mercedes Audi Porsche Landrover Volvo Lexus and Infiniti
- OBD2 solutions for Mercedes, OBDii activator for Carplay, Androidauto VIM, AdBlue, AMG screen ...
- PSM Porsche Smart Module plug and play
- USB 3in1, USB 4in1 for wired wireless carplay and airplay mirrorlink solutions
2015 Oct
- Official distributor with Italy DIMSport in China area and we have been
reselling ECU chip tuning tools and held 15+ technical trainings together with DIMSport in south east Asia areas
- Exclusive distributor on Leonardo super cars diagnostic tool
2013 - 2016
- ASEC (Automotive System Engineers Club) club setup, all kinds of
technical sharing on BMW INPA NCS Winkfpt Esys, Mercedes Vediamo Monaco, Porsche developer system with PPN support, all training we are focusing on OEM retrofitting and maintenance skills sharing
- Till 2016 ASEC have trained 3000+ technical engineers
- 2016 on we started to work together with technical institues in mainland China
2008 - 2017
- Positioning on OEM original diagnostic tools for BMW Mercedes Audi Porsche
Landrover and super cars.
- BMW ISIS server system with technical support and working on BMW grey cars imported from USA Middle east system language convertion, map installation
- OEM genunine retrofitting spare parts import for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Landrover with technical training support
2003 - 2008
Autosvs Technology founded and Distributor of Launch OBD2 OBDII Creader scan tools trading with OBD2 generic diagnostic tools, locksmith tools, key programming and spare parts, automotive
Why Us ?
Focus: our team have been focus on BBAPL european cars since 2008
Service and Technical Support 7/24, we deliver certainty
We offer 100% money warranty for all the products we verified to sell, all of our products CE FCC Emark certified.
We Know How ! startup from DTC, techinfo, immo, OEM retrofit ...
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