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2011-2017 Macan Panamera Cayenne Porsche Smart Module (PSM) 
Shipping Terms: FOB China Item No.: USM0618
Warranty: 1 Year Installation: Be responsible by buyer

we are proud to release the Porsche PSM plug & play module, all future upgrade via mini SD card.

Vehicle support list:

Panamera 2011-2017 & Cayenne 2011-2017 & Macan 2014-2017

the product with CE FCC certified and high quality to meet up OEM retrofitting quality, the module power comsummption at sleep mode

Description    StatusValue
Power consumtpionSleep>= 0.95mAOEM
Power consumptionWorking>=26.85mAOEM
Operation voltage range
Quiescent Current
≤ 3mA
Operation temperature range
Storage temperature range
Operation moisture range
Pressure of atmosphere
Main Chips


Core: ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU

– 72 MHz maximum frequency,

1.25 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1)

performance at 0 wait state memory


– Single-cycle multiplication and hardware



– 64 Kbytes of Flash memory

– 20 Kbytes of SRAM

■ CAN transceiver

The transceiver is designed for high-speed CAN applications;AEC-Q100 qualified

■ low current consumption low

dropout regulator.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will this module work with 2017-2018 Panamera ?

A1: Definitely Yes.

Q2: This PSM work with 2011-2018 models, will it require us to keep high stock level of quantity if we need to enjoy the best cost?

A2: Not really, we have 2 SKU# for the time being, but planned to RND 3 more SKUs of PSM USM0618 series for Porsche, Audi, VAG

       SUVs, we will support our partners to flash the firmware by our mini SD card, which means you could keep generic stock level but

       sell as per requested.

Q3: How to upgrade your modules ? it maybe works in China that do NOT means it will works in Europe

A3: Good question, our module will be supported to upgrade for the future by mini SD card.

Q4: We are work with OE dealer networks, will this support to install before sales without effect the factory warranty?

A4: Sure it will be supported.

Q5: It works like a charm, may I remove it if i plan to change my car and install it into another car?

A5: NO ... you could only turn to our local partners for help if you need to install a 2nd car. It is VIN locked but could be unlocked

       by our local partners.

Q6: I like the smart functions as remote trunk close, windows close, but i don't like this acoustic alarm beep sounds, it's big noise.

A6: That'll be OK for you to switch off some of the functions by our cfg file via mini SD card if you're not confident with them.

Q7: Where to be installed ? and How ?

A7: Auto tailgate module position, remove 4 screws and with PSM plug & play harness connectors, 15mins job Done.

Q8: Will this module drained out the battery power when installing in my car?

A8: Not really, our module is OEM level quality with CE FCC past, in sleep mode it consumes only 0.95mA (OEM requires <3mA).

How to upgrade the module?

All upgrades via mini SD card and we will send upgrade file for your PSM module. the upgrade procedure as below:

1. prepare a SD card with FAT32 formatted … (i assume any size should be ok, we are using 4G);

2. Ignition on in your car and the PSM module will be powered on, plug in the SD card it will be upgrading

automatically … 10seconds later the upgrade will be done, in case the upgrade procedure not been successfully DONE, you could simply plug again the SD card for upgrade once again

Porsche Smart Module for for 2011-2016 Cayenne Macan Panamera.jpg

1. Remote key auto close the tail trunk--Panamera-1.jpg2. All windows close by one time button press-cayenne-3.jpg3. cayenne.jpg4. Auto rear mirror folding-cayenne-1.jpg5. Car search function-1.jpg6. Auto sun roof close when raining-cayenne-1.jpg

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