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Unichip Toyota Apple Carplay Wireless with Screen Mirroring Androidauto for 2015-2017 Sienna 
Shipping Terms: FOB China Item No.: WCPAA_TOYSIENNA
Type: Wireless CarPlay Specification: Toyota Sienna Wireless CarPlay
Warranty: 1 Year Installation: Be responsible by buyer
Samples Availability: Yes

Unichip Wireless Apple CarPlay Retrofit for Toyota Sienna 2015 Model you will enjoy the Wired and Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, Apple and Android smartphone mirroring, USB HD videos play, as well as other features from our multimedia interface. The full installation process will take 60 to120minutes all depends on your dismantling process.
5 reasons why you will enjoy working with our wireless Carplay multimedia interface:
1.   All Unichip Smartbox audio output via OEM AUX IN channel so you could enjoy with the high quality of the audio quality output through your factory car audio system, for those cars without AUX we have to enable it with our professional technical support like for BMW Esys and Mercedes Vediamo system, or with our FM transmitter or USB Aux dongle as an optional solution;
2. Safety Driving and enjoy driving with voice commander and all operations in OEM integrated level which allows you control via steering wheel buttons and factory scroll controller joysticks, or touch screen;
3. Constantly OS and MCU upgrade support, we are devoting our team and all efforts to work with all kinds of cars that we are focusing and we install every day as one of the professional installers at our own workshop plant, we keep enhancing our products' customers' experience with our own software and hardware development engineers and release the new OS and MCU upgrades for our global partners daily.
4. Quality Warranty and Professional Service Support. All of our engineers are involved in the industry for 15+ years. We develop and manage the supply chain of the full manufacturing process, we ensure all our products high quality and customers fast in response to getting all challenges and bugs to be fixed daily in a highly efficient way.
5. Detailed Installation Manuals: All of our products we have detailed manuals on how to install, how to upgrade, how to make self settings for our partners. Most of the car owners can install with our detailed installation manual and video case sharing that come with all detailed procedures.


  • wired / wireless CarPlay

  • Wired AndroidAuto

  • USB HD Videos

  • Rear Camera with active guidelines

  • All future upgrades via USB, support USB power supply for charging smartphones.

Car Models to be supported:
2015 - 2017 Toyota Sienna

Q: will this work with iPhone IOS12.x or future updated newer IOS?
A: Yes, definitely it will be with our continuous after-sales service support.

Q: How to update in the future?
A: all the upgrade files will be supplied by our Unichip Smart auto development team, upgrade via USB plug and play.

Q: will this work with Android mobile phones as well?
A: yes, we have a beta version free of charge for potential users to test with the android auto.

Q: will this kit to support wireless CarPlay?
A: no it won't, we are going to release our wireless CarPlay kit but this kit only with wire connection via USB port.
IMPORTANT: Before your determination to place the orders:
1. Unichip Smartauto is serving global wide, in case your CarPlay Interfaces have some bugs during the operation, we will help you to enhance the performance time and support you free of upgrade service via USB;
2. All the time you Must use apple certified OEM USB cable to connect.
before you place the order, please feel free to send us a picture of your Sienna system or send us your VIN (vehicle identification No.) for verification.

Video Case Sharing 2015 Toyota Sienna Wireless Apple CarPlay Retrofit

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