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USB AUX IN 2.0 High Speed Adapter Convertor USB AUX Dongle for OEM Head Units 
Shipping Terms: FOB China Item No.: USB-AUXin
Warranty: 1 Year Installation: Be responsible by buyer

Unichip USB AUX in Dongle USB AUX Convertor for Mercedes W205 X253, the video shows us how our USB AUX IN dongle to work

with orignal Mercedes NTG5.5 navigation system, choose the USBAUXSources from original factory Media system.
With this USB AUX dongle plug at the armrest USB port, it will allows you to enjoy with the original factory AUX in quality, especial in the aftermarket retrofiting or upgrading experience, there need the AUX in channel for audio sounds out, here it is ... our solution from Unichip.

We are the developer of USB AUX. Our USB AUX adapter support Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Landrover, Cadilac, Buick, Peugeot, Ford, VW, Fiat, Jaguar, Volvo, Infinite, Honda, Nissan.

We support OEM ODM and all future new models development.

USB AUX IN dongle, AUX in enable at OEM NTG5.x system, plug and play into the armrest USB port and connect to 3.5mm Aux jack. Our USB-AUX will compatiable work with below cars model navigation systems, ensure the original USB AUX in quality.

here is video how it works on NTG5.x

We have tested on below models and proved 100% working with our USB AUX dongle. In case your car is not llisted and we are happy to assist you to develop the functions to work with your car, mail request of your car model VIN and the operation videos are required, mail to

Full tested on Mercedes Audio20 NTG5-205 / NTG5.1 / NTG5.5, Comand NTG5.1

MercedesA-KlasseW176 (ab 03/2015)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesA-KlasseW176 (ab 03/2015)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesA-KlasseW176 (ab 03/2015)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesB-KlasseW246 (ab 11/2014)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesB-KlasseW246 (ab 11/2014)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesB-KlasseW246 (ab 11/2014)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesC-KlasseW205 / C202 (ab 2/2014)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesC-KlasseW205 / C202 (ab 2/2014)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesC-KlasseW205 / C202 (ab 2/2014)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesCLA-KlasseC117 / X117 (ab 01/2013)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesCLA-KlasseC117 / X117 (ab 01/2013)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesCLA-KlasseC117 / X117 (ab 01/2013)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesCLS-KlasseX218 / C218 (ab 01/2011)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesCLS-KlasseX218 / C218 (ab 01/2011)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesCLS-KlasseX218 / C218 (ab 01/2011)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesE-KlasseW212 / W207 (2009-2016)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesE-KlasseW212 / W207 (2009-2016)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesE-KlasseW212 / W207 (2009-2016)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesGL/GLS-KlasseX166 (ab 06/2012)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesGL/GLS-KlasseX166 (ab 06/2012)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesGL/GLS-KlasseX166 (ab 06/2012)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesGLA-KlasseX156 (ab 12/2013)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesGLA-KlasseX156 (ab 12/2013)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesGLA-KlasseX156 (ab 12/2013)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesGLE-KlasseW166 / C292 (ab 2015)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesGLE-KlasseW166 / C292 (ab 2015)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesGLE-KlasseW166 / C292 (ab 2015)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesM / ML-KlasseW166 (ab 07/2011-2015)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesM / ML-KlasseW166 (ab 07/2011-2015)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesM / ML-KlasseW166 (ab 07/2011-2015)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

MercedesV-Klasse / Vito / VianoW447 (ab 2014)Audio20 (NTG5)

MercedesV-Klasse / Vito / VianoW447 (ab 2014)Audio20 (NTG5.1)

MercedesV-Klasse / Vito / VianoW447 (ab 2014)Comand APS (NTG5.1)

also below models:

2014.03    Porsche Macan

2013.10    BMW 530

2018.01  Audi A3

2018.03  Audi A3, Audi A6

2018.04  Audi A4, Audi A6

2018.01  Audi A7 2.0T

2017.04  Audi A7 3.0T

2017.08  Audi A6 3.0T

2017.09  Audi A5 2.0T

2017.07  Audi A4 2.0T

2017.11 Audi A3

Why Choose Us

  1. It works with original factory Navi system, choose from factory system menu to enable the AUX

  2. We will keep upgrading the USB AUX in compatiable list and fix bugs

  3. Future upgrades possible ONLY with us, we know HOW

  4. wide range of suppoort cars list with one dongle

  5. Plug and Play, no coding or special setting needed

  6. we support OEM or ODM, or PCBa supply

USB AUX 2.0.jpgUSB AUX 2.0s.jpgUSB Sources.jpg

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BMW CCC CarPlay Smartbox work via USB, all future OS MCU upgrade via USB, self USB LOG function, Plug and Play.
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